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1. How do I apply for a dumpster permit?
2. How do I apply for a street opening permit?
3. What day is my trash and recycling collected?
4. What can I put out with my recycling?
5. What can I put out with my trash?
6. Where can I buy borough disposal bags?
7. When is bulk trash week?
8. Where can I dispose of special recycling?
9. What can I put out for yard waste collection?
10. How can I sign up for the borough's tree planting program?
11. When does street sweeping occur in my neighborhood?
12. When does the borough call a snow emergency?
13. Where can I park my car if an emergency is called?
14. How can I pay my water and sewer bill?
15. What is the Solid Waste Collection Schedule?
16. What us Recyclable Collection Schedule?