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1. Can I get a building permit online?
2. Can I pay for my permit online?
3. How do I register as a contractor with the Borough of West Chester?
4. How often do I need a rental inspection?
5. How can I find the current approved student home list?
6. What hours of the day can construction work be performed in the borough?
7. Does the borough require a Use and Occupancy Certificate on the resale of an existing building?
8. Who do I call for a plumbing or HVAC inspection?
9. Who are the electrical underwriters approved by the borough?
10. How many hours after the snowfall do I have to shovel my sidewalk?
11. I need to repair my sidewalk, do I need a permit?
12. Am I permitted to post advertisements in the borough?
13. Do I need a permit to install a shed in my yard?
14. Where Can I find the Borough Zoning Code?