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Real Estate Certifications (Sewer & Stream Protection Fee)

  1. A sewer and Stream Protection Fee certification is required for all real estate transactions, including refinancing, and all outstanding fees must be paid at the time of settlement. 

    Certifications are $50 each ($100 total for sewer and SPF) and must be paid at the time the request is made. Certifications will not be provided if payment has not been received. Certification fees, $100 total, should via check made payable to "Borough of West Chester", and mailed or dropped off at Borough Hall:

    Borough of West Chester
    Attn: Finance Department  
    401 E. Gay Street
    West Chester, PA 19380

    Certifications require 10 business days to be completedand are typically provided 5-6 business days prior to settlement. Please allow for the proper lead-time, ideally 15 business days or more, and drop off/overnight payments if necessary.

    You may e-mail to check on the status of a certification not received within a week of the settlement date.

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  4. Note: certifications are provided electronically to the e-address provided here

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    I understand that certifications will not be provided if payment has not been received, that certifications require three business days to be completed, and will be provided electronically via the e-mail address provided above, typically 5-6 business days prior to settlement.

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