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Adopt-a-Rain Garden Volunteer Registration

  1. Thank you for volunteering for the Adopt-a-Rain Garden Program!

    You can get involved in the Borough’s rain gardens and keep them looking their best. Volunteers will be involved in plant selection, planting, and light garden maintenance, and most importantly making sure the infrastructure is working as intended. 

    Participation is contingent on volunteer attendance at an annual training in March, held in conjunction with the Borough's rain garden maintenance provider, and volunteers must sign off on basic rules for participation and a liability waiver. Participation may be capped at 1-2 volunteers per small garden, and 2-3 volunteers for larger gardens. 

  2. I'd like to adopt the following rain garden(s):
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    By completing this form I am signing up to volunteer in the future. I understand I will receive and be required to complete an annual training, rules of participation, and a liability waiver in order to participate.

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