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Student-Community Connect

  1. I am willing to perform the following types of work:*
    Please check all preferences.
  2. Do you own a lawnmower?*
  3. If a resident could provide a lawnmower would you be comfortable using it?
  4. Please list an acceptable starting pay you expect for performing the following kinds of work or if you are working as a volunteer please enter 0:
  5. Waiver of Liability and Hold Harmless Agreement*
    Please check to acknowledge that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions of the agreement. If mailing in your submission, please print the agreement and include a signed copy with your mailing.
  6. Print and Mail to The Mayor's Office
    Return signed and completed application to the Mayor's Office: 401 E. Gay Street West Chester, PA 19380 or click below to submit electronically.

    For more information, contact the Mayor's Office at 610-696-4930.
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