Parking News & Views


We are experiencing extremely high volumes of emails and phone calls currently and are doing our best to respond to each and every one. Please understand that we have a small staff available to service our permit system.

If you are unsure if your area requires a parking permit, you may search your address in the map found here:

If you are reaching out to find out the status of your parking permit because you have not received a response, please be patient. We are currently reviewing every parking permit. If you have not received a response, your permit has not yet been reviewed.

If you are reaching out because your permit was denied and you want to set up an appointment to come apply in person, please click this link: and make an appointment.

If you are reaching out because your permit was denied and you are worried that you have nowhere to park and you don’t want to get a ticket, please note that we have asked Parking Officers to suspend residential ticketing or to give warning tickets. If you receive a ticket while your permit is being reviewed, you may dispute it online (please do not pay it), and we will work with you.

If you are reaching out to purchase guest passes, you may set up an appointment using this link:

If you are reaching out to dispute a ticket, information on how to proceed and unacceptable grounds for appeal may be found here:

We hope this information may help serve you better. Thank you for your patience.


If you have purchased your new residential parking permit and would like to swing by to purchase your guest passes, you can use this link: to schedule.

The Borough of West Chester Parking Department would like to update you on several parking-related issues in the Borough! 


If you missed our snazzy new banner at the top of the West Chester website, fear not… permits have gone “live” and you may now apply online here.  If this is your first time applying online, review the flipbook found here.   If you still have questions and want to apply in-person, please make an appointment by emailing or call us at 610.696.4521.  Please bring all required documentation with you so we can help you with the process.   We are doing our best to streamline the process, but are still at the mercy of our software system.

A big change this year will be homeowner permits will now expire one year from the date of purchase, while renter permits will expire at the end of the lease. We hope this change will stagger permit dates and prevent occupants from keeping parking permits beyond lease expiration. This means no more Aug 31st dates- you may start applying RIGHT NOW!!!   Stay tuned for how this works.  

Lot 6:

If you utilize Lot 6/E permits and have been used to showing up at the crack up dawn or camping out to be first in line, we have good news for you! This year you can sleep in. We will be using a lottery system. You may fill out a lottery form found here. Forms are due by August 31st at 4pm and we will notify you by September 1st if you have received a permit spot in Lot 6.  There are 20 spots available for E permit area holders only.

Bike lockers:

If you have been watching the Parking Committee meetings, you may have heard we will be lending out the mysterious bike lockers located at the Chestnut Street Garage. This will be a one year “rental,” which is actually free, with a $100 refundable key deposit.   If you are interested, please email me at and can be found here. There are 16 available and we would love to see them utilized. 


We are working on making parking in town a more user-friendly experience. In the meantime, I want to mention the two apps that are available for you to use. Our meters utilize the Passport Parking app, and the surface lots utilize Flowbird.  I highly recommend that you download both.  And, be sure to tell your friends and family if they are planning on heading into town for dinner or shopping, these apps will make parking so much easier!   Our enforcement hours for metered/kiosk parking are: Monday-Wed 8am-10pm, Thursday/Friday 8am-midnight, Saturday 5pm-midnight, Sunday- free parking!!!

We hope that you are excited about these little changes, and we look forward to continue working with you to make parking in West Chester better for all of us!