Adopt-a-Rain Garden

bioretentionareasandraingardens3Rain gardens are an important component of the Borough's DEP-mandated stormwater quality improvement goals, and also help mitigate flooding downstream of their construction by capturing and holding stormwater runoff during heavy precipitation events, and slowing the release of water to flood-prone waterways. Some of the water infiltrates into gravel and soil beneath the garden, and sediment and pollutants settle out or are filtered by hardy plants.

You can get involved in the Borough’s rain gardens and keep them looking their best. Volunteers will be involved in plant selection, planting, and light garden maintenance, and most importantly making sure the infrastructure is working as intended. 

Participation is contingent on volunteer attendance at an annual training in March, held in conjunction with the Borough's rain garden maintenance provider, and volunteers must sign off on basic rules for participation and a liability waiver. Participation may be capped at 1-2 volunteers per small garden, and 2-3 volunteers for larger gardens. 

Sign up as a new or repeat volunteer here! 

E-mail the Borough's Sustainability Director with questions at