West Chester Police Department Diversity Task Force

Lillian Mission Statement

The Mission, as organized by the Mayor’s Office, of the West Chester Police Department Diversity Task Force is to cause, in due course of future hiring’s, a Police force that is racially representative of the population of the community. Along with our moral and ethical obligation, it is also known that police departments that are rich in diversity are more likely to garner trust among groups of citizens because the agency is reflective of the community.  When law enforcement officers have a personal understanding of the common experiences of members of a community, it helps to promote trust between law enforcement officers and the community. It is important for law enforcement agencies to expand their efforts to diversify, and to consider all possible strategies that may help to accomplish this goal, so that law enforcement officers and the communities they serve can work together to keep all residents of The Borough of West Chester safe.

Committee Members        

  • Mayor Lillian DeBaptiste                                                                                     
  • Lisa Dorsey                                                
  • Karina Gonzalez                                                
  • Chris Green                                                
  • Jordan Norley                                              
  • Michael Stefano                                                
  • Karen Armstead

WCPD Employment Opportunity

  • The West Chester Police Department is not currently accepting applications. If you would like to be alerted of when officer applications are being released, please enroll in Notify Me. You will need to select Police Applicants to receive the correct notification. Click Here for Notify Me