Stream Protection Fee

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The Stream Protection Fee (SPF) Program was established by Borough Council via ordinance in June 2016 to provide a dedicated funding source for stream restoration and stormwater mitigation initiatives. Per the terms of the ordinance:

  • The SPF is assessed annually on all developed property in the Borough, including parcels owned and occupied by government and non-profits 
  • Each property is assessed based on the impervious area (IA), originally measured in 2016 and updated on an on-going basis with newly available aerial imagery, and/or utilizing professionally-prepared plot plans submitted with building permits. Properties are reassessed following all real estate transactions 
  • Impervious areas include rooftops, parking areas, sidewalks and walkways, porches, decks, and patios – essentially any developed square footage
  • The SPF rate is $6.70 per 1,000 square feet per month, however properties with less than 3,000 square feet fall into five billing tiers:

    Tier 1< 1,000 sqft IA$40.20 per year
    Tier 21,000 – 1,500 sqft IA$100.56 per year
    Tier 31,500 - 2,000 sqft IA$140.76 per year
    Tier 42,000 - 2,500 sqft IA$180.96 per year
    Tier 52,500 - 3,000 sqft IA$221.16 per year
    Tier 63,000 sqft IA$6.70 per 1,000 sqft per month

The SPF ordinance stipulates that funding generated by the SPF is eligible for the following expenses only: 

  • Implementation and management of a program to manage stormwater within the Borough
  • Constructing, operating, and maintaining the Borough’s stormwater management system
  • Debt service for financing stormwater capital projects
  • Payment of other project costs and performance of other functions or duties authorized by law in conjunction with the maintenance, operation, repair, construction, design, planning and management of Stormwater facilities, programs and operations-related regulations

StormdrainThis include repairs to stormwater infrastructure such as pipes, inlets, and outfalls which collectively comprise the Borough’s MS4 or municipal separate storm sewer system; restoration of Borough streams and tributaries that convey stormwater from the MS4 into area waterways; and maintenance activities such as street sweeping and inlet cleaning, which are crucial in keeping the stormwater system functioning properly; as well as requisite outflow testing, reporting, and stormwater pollution-mitigation strategies required by state and federal regulations.

Reducing your Stream Protection Fee

Stream Protection Fee Appeals
Property owners that believe their IA measurement is incorrect are welcome to file an appeal. Prior to doing so please review the SPF Appeal Manual

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Stream Protection Fee Rebate & Credit Program 
Property owners are encouraged to install and maintain stormwater “best management practices” or BMPs that tangibly reduce stormwater runoff, or reduce the rate of stormwater runoff, from their property. One-time rebates and ongoing credits have been established to incentivize these efforts and help reduce annual SPF assessments. Prior to submitting a rebate or credit application please review the Residential Credit & Rebate Manual or the Non-Residential Credit & Rebate Manual.

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Per the terms of the SPF ordinance, unpaid assessments will be referred to the Borough's collections agency Portonoff Law Associates with 1.5% per month late fees, and may ultimately result in a property lien. Once a delinquent balance is referred to Portonoff property owners must work with Portonoff to resolve, though the assessment for the current year will remain payable to the Borough until January of the following year. 

SPF Documents and Reports

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