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Budgets and Audits


The heart of the borough's finances focuses on the Treasurer's Office and its various functions performed on a daily basis. It is from this department that all borough receipts and expenditures are accounted for. Specifically payroll, accounting, sewer billing, and delinquent collection, parking tickets, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and real estate tax collection are all part of the Treasurer's Office responsibilities. As one can ascertain, it is a busy department whose staff includes 4 positions in addition to the Treasurer.


The Treasurer, also known as the Finance Director, is appointed and supervised by the Borough Manager. This person supervises all financial aspects and operations of the borough. His preparation of the annual budget requires not only the coordination of the various departments' budgets but also salary calculations, insurance, debt service, benefits, etc. into 1 document. It is the director's responsibility to provide financial reports on a monthly basis to council, the manager and department heads. The department heads are directly responsible to the Treasurer for their particular budgets and corresponding expenditures. The Finance Director serves as the borough Purchasing officer for conformity to the budget. Each purchase of $500 or more requires a purchase order and is discussed with the requesting department head. The Treasurer coordinates the annual audits with the various auditors as the borough is audited annually by numerous internal auditors. The Treasurer has the authority to hire and discharge all employees of the Treasurer's Office. Finally, the Treasurer provides the council and the Borough Manager with various costs, studies, etc. as required.

Our financial reports can be found in the document center.



The Treasurer's staff consists of an Accounting Supervisor, a water / sewer billing clerk, an accounts payable clerk, and an administrative / general purpose clerk.

It is the Accounting Supervisor's general responsibility to oversee all banking and bookkeeping aspects of the borough. The Accounting Supervisor monitors the daily accounting of monies in the borough with main functions including the submission of payroll, recording receipts and disbursements, bank reconciliations, the monthly closing and corresponding accounting reports, etc. This position provides the auditors with all documentation required to perform the annual audit. Finally, this position supervises the 4 clerical positions in the Treasurer's office.


The staff is trained to answer questions and assist with utility and sewer billing questions.  The accounts payable clerk is responsible for receiving and recording all tickets received in the mail as well as the ones paid over the counter at the front office. 


We are all public servants, interested with your tax dollar and other sources of revenue, and are held to a high standard of integrity and honesty. We strive to maintain your utmost confidence in us and to serve you in the most professional manner. Please feel free to contact the office with any questions at 610-696-0249.