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October 2-3 2021

chester county clean energy tour

IMG_3292The Chester County Clean Energy Tour is back with virtual and in-person sites in 2021!

Chester County is a leader in clean energy in Pennsylvania and the nation. Whether you already have solar, you are completely new to solar or efficiency, or somewhere in between – this event is for you to consider options for your own home, workplace, school, or house of worship. 

Learn how you can get involved for all these reasons and more!

  • Cost savings from efficiency and renewable energy production; more stable prices
  • Better health from improved air quality and safer jobs for energy workers than coal or gas
  • Community resilience and reliability from local and modular wind and solar systems which
  • are easier to repair and less apt to all fail at once in an extreme weather event
  • Greater comfort from improvements in thermal control, ventilation, lighting, and air quality
  • Limiting climate disruption from lowered emissions

Learn more about the event and register by clicking here

August 2021

Borough Council sets January 1st enforcement date for single-use plastic ordinance

After deliberating at this month's public meetings, Borough Council voted to set an enforcement date of January 1st 2022 for the single-use plastic ordinance enacted in 2019 and delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The ordinance bans the distribution by commercial establishments of plastic bags and drinking straws within the Borough. Paper bags are permitted as an alternative, but must consist of recycled content and be either recyclable or compostable, and establishments are required to charge and disclose a 10 cent fee on each bag provided to customers, to encourage customers to bring their own bag and avoid using unnecessary ones. 

More information about the ordinance, including the text of the ordinance and resources for businesses, can be found here.

june 2021


Residential Public Mtgs Flyer correct QR Code - smallJoin the West Chester Area Clean Energy Future Steering Committee to learn about how residents can switch to renewable energy across their transportation and home energy use.

There are two events - May 20th and June 3rd. 

 Click here to learn more and register.

may 2021

May 20 :clean energy future residential module kick off

Residential Public Mtgs Flyer correct QR Code - smallJoin the West Chester Area Clean Energy Future Steering Committee to learn about how residents can switch to renewable energy across their transportation and home energy use.

There are two events - May 20th and June 3rd. 

 Click here to learn more and register.

February 2021

Chester county's draft climate Action plan

A draft climate action plan for Chester County has been released for public review and comment. The updated Climate Action Plan expands on the 2010 Greenhouse Gas Reduction report, providing an updated greenhouse gas emissions inventory as well as an action plan for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving energy efficiency throughout the county. The plan was prepared by the Chester County Planning Commission in partnership with the County’s Environmental and Energy Advisory Board. Click here to view the draft Climate Action Plan and provide a public comment.

A public meeting on the proposed Climate Action Plan will be held on March 4, 2021 at 6:30 pm via Zoom. More information about the event can be found here.

february 2021

2020 sustainability annual report published

Sus reportThe Borough's 2020 Sustainability report was published at presented at Borough Council's February 9th 2021 Administration, Communications, and Technology meeting.

The report outlines the initiatives, achievements and impacts of the Sustainability Advisory Committee and Sustainability Director in 2020, as well as priorities for 2021 and beyond, included initiatives around energy efficiency and clean energy procurement, community-wide efforts to curb single-use waste, recycling , community and Borough fleet electric vehicles, and an update on the Borough's Stream Protection Fee. 

Click here to download the report. 

To learn more or get involved in Borough sustainability initiatives check out the Friends of Sustainable West Chester.

January 2021

Community-Wide Clean Energy Transition Kickoff Event

WCEF LogoYou can be part of the change! Join us on Tuesday January 19th 2021 for virtual kickoff event to learn more about the community's energy goals and how you can help us achieve 100% clean energy by 2050.

For info, agenda, and registration link visit

The Clean Energy Future is a volunteer-driven initiative of East Braford, East Goshen, West Goshen, West Whiteland, and Westtown Townships, and the Borough of West Chester. 

NOvember 2020

Announcing west cheser sustainable storefronts!

Click to Join Sustainable Storefronts!In July 2019 Borough Council approved an ordinance banning single use plastic bags and straws in West Chester, effective July 2nd 2020. Enforcement of this ordinance was delayed by the governor's statewide disaster declaration of March 2020.

Single-use materials are a momentary convenience that last a lifetime. Many plastics, even plant-based varieties, are not recyclable in curbside programs and do not biodegrade in landfills. Much of this waste instead slowly degrades into microplastics and enter our water, food, and air.

In lieu of the ongoing issues created by single use waste the Brough created the Sustainable Storefronts program to recognize businesses taking leadership on this issue. Click here to learn more and join Sustainable Storefronts!

October 2020

WEst Chester REleases Clean Energy RFI

In February 2020 East Goshen, West Goshen, Westtown, and East Bradford Townships and the West Chester Borough, working cooperatively through the the West Chester Area Council of Governments (“WCACOG”) completed a 100% Renewable Energy Transition Plan (maybe link to the plan here?). Pursuant to the recommendations in the Plan, the municipalities are releasing a Request for Information for Renewable Energy Development for the electricity load of the collective municipal operations. Responses, including information regarding project structures and indicative pricing, are due by COB on Friday November 13th, 2020.

REQUEST FOR INFORMATION for Renewable Energy Development for the West Chester Area Municipalities Electricity Load

Requests for information related to this solicitation should be directed to: Will Williams, West Chester Borough Sustainability Director, at:

July 2020

Single Use PLastic Ordinance enforcement

Due to last-minute language inserted in the Pennsylvania statewide budget, the Borough is unable to enforce the single-use plastic ban at this time. While the ordinance is still on the books, enforcement is delayed until July 1 2021 or the end of the state’s COVID-19 disaster declaration, whichever is later. 

Despite this development we hope that businesses will pursue compliance with this ordinance to address needless single-use waste - action that would enjoy broad community support.

The Borough’s Sustainability Advisory Committee is, in the interim, developing an opt-in recognition program for businesses that are already taking action on this issue.

June 2020

Borough COuncil accepts energy TRANSITION plan

At June’s voting session Borough Council voted to accept the West Chester Area 100% Renewable Energy Transition Study, which was funded through the West Chester area Council of Governments by the West Chester Borough and townships of East Goshen, West Goshen, East Bradford, West Whiteland, and Westtown. 

Though this action was delayed by COVID-19 for several months, the vote officially accepts the plan and commits the Borough to further work on this issue through the WCACOG. Specific priorities include community education strategies and pursuing an inter-municpality clean energy power purchase agreement (PPA). 

may 2020

Join the friends of sustainable west chester

Interested in sustainability and want to contribute to a more environmental friendly West Chester? Join the Friends of Sustainable West Chester here

Based on your areas of interest you will be kept in the loop with periodic updates and opportunities to get involved. The four areas of interest in the registration are:

April 2020

*postponed due to COVID-19*

Save the Date - Downtown and Parks CleanUp! 

Check back soon for more info!

February 2020

Tuesday February 25th

Climate JUSTICE: Hope, RESILIENCE & the Fight for a Sustainable Future featuring Mary Robinson

Robinson flyer photoMary Robinson leads the Mary Robinson Foundation— Climate Justice, a center for thought leadership, education and advocacy for the poor and disempowered in the world that are disproportionately threatened by climate change. She has moved audiences around the world with her passionate and hopeful call for all nations to work together to fight for a sustainable future.

Tickets available online at (click “other campus events”) or by calling the SSI Ticket Office at 610-436-2266

January 2020

Wednesday January 29th

WC Area Council of Governments Clean Energy TRANSITION Plan Presentation

West Chester Area Council of Governments is hosting a meeting to view presentation by The Cadmus Group on the clean energy transition pan. The public is invited.

Please note the meeting is scheduled for the West Whiteland Township Building at 101 Commerce Drive in Exton.