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95-18 Duty to remove: time limit

A. Within a period of 24 hours after the cessation of a snowfall or other precipitation, all property owners shall remove all snow and ice from the sidewalks abutting their respective property so that a width of not less than three feet is cleared. 

B. When ice appears on a sidewalk, but before it can be removed as provided herein, a nonskid material, such as rock salt, cinders, ashes or sand, shall be applied to the sidewalks within six hours after the cessation of the precipitation that created the icy conditions. When ice appears on a sidewalk because of any reason other than precipitation, a nonskid material such as rock salt, cinders, ashes or sand shall be applied to ice on the sidewalk within two hours after the owner knows or should have notice of the ice on the sidewalk. 

C. No person shall push, dump or deposit in any manner, or cause to be pushed, dumped or deposited in any manner, any snow or ice which has accumulated on any sidewalk or private property onto any street, private street, public park or public property in the Borough. Upon direction or notice from the Borough police or representative from the Borough's Public Works Department, any person who is found pushing, dumping or depositing snow or ice onto any street, private street, public park or public property in the Borough shall immediately desist from such action and shall remove any snow or ice from the street or public property that has been unlawfully deposited thereon. If the person so notified fails to comply as aforesaid, he shall be subject to the fines set forth in § 95-21 of this chapter. 

You can learn more about snow & ice removal by reading the Borough of West Cheser Code of Ordinances, Article IV.


What is a Snow Emergency?

A snow emergency is a declaration by the Mayor in concert with the Borough's Police and Public Works Departments and is supported by Section 104-79 of the Borough Code of Ordinances. Snow Emergencies are declared when winter snow and ice conditions are severe enough to mandate that vehicles should not be parked on public streets. Occasionally, when the prediction is certain enough, the Borough will declare the snow emergency in advance.

Snow emergencies are declared due to substantial accumulation and/or icy conditions. The purpose of the snow emergency is to promote an environment where Borough snow removal crews can better remove snow and ice between the curbs and public streets (curb to curb). This opens the roads to better accommodate future on street parking as well as to facilitate proper access for emergency vehicles including ambulance and fire response vehicles, mail delivery, and trash pick-up.

Snow emergencies are normally announced by the Borough via ReadyChesco and our Notify Me service. Snow emergencies will also be announced on this website. Under the code the declaration remains in effect for a period not to exceed 72 hours after cessation of the snowstorm event. Failure to comply with the Borough's declaration of the snow emergency does carry a fine. Also be advised that if necessary, the Borough will tow your car and assess all costs to the owner of the vehicle.

The Borough appreciates your cooperation and hopes that all residents understand that a declaration of a snow emergency is not intended to inconvenience but rather to be helpful in promoting the most effective and efficient removal of snow and ice from the Borough roads and highways.


Borough of West Chester - Snow Emergency Ordinance

You can learn more about snow emergencies by reading the below sections of our code.

104-79: Declaration of emergency; automatic emergency.

104-80: Parking prohibited on specific highways during emergency; restrictions on operation of motor vehicles and tractors on such streets.

104-81: Placement of signs along highways affected: information on existence of emergency.

104-84: Use of off-street parking lots during emergencies.

104-85: Removal of vehicles during emergencies.

Parking Availability During Snow Emergencies

All borough parking garages are available for the duration of the snow emergency.

Free for use parking garages during snow emergencies include the Chestnut Street Garage, Bicentennial Garage on High Street, Nields Street Garage, Sharpless Street Garage & Matlack Street Garage.

Snow Emergency Routes

You can downlaod a printable copy of the Snow Emergency Route map here.

Snow Emergency Map