Terracycle Program


West Chester Residents!

The Borough is offering recycling of “hard to recycle” items through a free program from Terracycle. You can drop off the following items in the Municipal Building, 401 E. Gay Street or at the Public Works Building, 205 Lacey Street.

Brita (will not accept Pur)

  1. Brita® dispensers
  2. Brita® bottles
  3. All types of Brita® filters
  4. Brita® filter packaging
  5. Brita® faucet filtration systems
  6. Brita® pitchers

Tom’s of Maine (will accept any brand)

  1. Mouthwash bottles and caps
  2. Deodorant containers and caps
  3. Toothpaste tubes and caps
  4. Soap packaging
  5. Floss containers
  6. Toothbrushes

Colgate (will accept any brand)

  1. Toothpaste tubes and caps
  2. Toothbrushes
  3. Toothbrush cartons & outer packaging
  4. Floss containers

Please help us expand our recycling efforts for a cleaner, more sustainable community! Visit their website for more information on the Terracycle Programs.