Master Parking Plan


While we understand that there are daily challenges with parking and that changes are needed, we expect to review all aspects of the Parking Program during this process. We encourage all residents, visitors, business owners and students to become engaged in the Master Parking Plan.

Please stay tuned as there will be Town Hall Meetings and information sessions coming soon.

West Chester is a robust community with many shops, restaurants and bars, and a University. Additionally, we host several large events throughout the year which draw crowds in excess of 20k. There are mixed parking needs; we have a residential population (18k) that nearly doubles in size from August through May to approximately 35k. The parker needs are Residential, Town Center Parking, Garage Parking, Student Parking (West Chester University), and visitor parking. These needs are often mixed with in the same block or neighborhood. West Chester is the county seat, and hosts 2 court houses located in Town Center. The picturesque and historic town has many challenges when it comes to parking.

Our current program consists of the following:

  • Residential Parking Program – 14 Zones
    • Area restrictions and configuration – ordinance language
    • Times of restrictions
    • Requirements
      • PA Plate
      • Lease
      • 2nd proof of residence
      • Affidavit
      • Registration
      • Seasonal Parkers
    • Cost versus price of permit
    • Guest Passes – requirements, days allowed
      • Cost versus price of guest pass
    • Meters in permit areas
    • Business Passes
  • 690 Meters
    • Pricing
    • Enforcement hours
    • Placement and relocation of meters in residential areas
  • Garages
    • Pricing
    • Pricing – short term parking
    • Leased spaces
  • Lots
    • Pricing
    • Utilization after 5pm
    • Utilization for residential permits
    • Leasing space percentage
  • Valet Parking
    • Licensing
    • Appropriate allowance
  • Handicapped off street spaces
  • Loading zones
  • Free Parking
    • Within Residential Areas
    • Timed parking 1 hour, 2 hour, 3 hour
  • Student Parking 


In addition to the above, the successful bidder must look to study parking space utilization, current parking demand, and future (based upon near future development and renovations). Identify the needs and opportunity for the various user groups (residents, business owners, visitors and students).

The following items must be included, as well as an analysis of the current parking program:

  • Identify and analyze New Parking Facilities – possible locations, developing options and need
  • Inventory and mapping of on-street spaces in the Borough
  • Identify characteristics of supply and demand across time
  • Efficacy of Borough –wide parking passes
  • Restricting the number of permits per residence
  • Identification of new permit Areas
  • Development of Parking signage throughout the Borough
  • Restricting loading unloading deliveries on Gay and High Streets
  • Town Center Parking concerns
  • Parking impacts on traffic circulation

The consultant must develop recommended strategies based on the quantity and quality of spaces, evaluate the parking needs, including the possible establishment of peripheral parking with shuttles. Park and walk initiatives, employee and user incentives tied to business marketing and downtown events. Demand reduction strategies should also be identified.

The consultant shall collect data and present it in graphs and PowerPoint format. A map and inventory of parking shall be developed utilizing ESRI’s ARC GIS program illustrating current and possible future parking spaces; the survey of the utilization and patterns shall be tabulated and illustrated with graphics. 

 The report summarizing study findings and recommendations shall be prepared in draft form for the Parking Department, Borough Manager’s office and Parking Committee with final submission delivered to Borough Council.

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