Patrol Division

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West Chester Police Department has a ‘Patrol Division’ that is comprised of officers that are on patrol 24 hours a day, 7 day a week for the residents of the Borough and East Bradford Township. The officers of the patrol division are the ‘guardians’ for our residents. They keep watch, stand guard, and are vigilant to the needs and situations that affect the health and safety of all residents. The patrol officers are usually the first point of contact with the citizen, and it is our goal to have that first impression be a positive one. This division holds themselves accountable for their performance and professionalism. They take great pride in their service to all citizens.

The patrol division has five platoons of officers. Each platoon is comprised of a Sergeant, a corporal and a team of officers. The Sergeant has the primary responsibility to ensure that all calls from the citizens are addressed as quickly as practical by the officers, and that the highest quality of service has been delivered to the citizen in the most efficient and effective manner possible. Patrol officers respond to every call received from a citizen, and those calls range from a lost dog to a homicide, and everything in between. They place their lives before those they serve and will do whatever is needed to ensure the safety of every citizen.

Anyone that feels they need the assistance of an officer in an emergency should call 911. For non-emergency situations, you may call 610-696-2700 and request to speak with or see an officer. All officers of the West Chester Police Department patrol division will equally assist you in your various needs and can be contacted through the department phone number.