Do I have to register my alarm system?

YES - all Burglar Alarm systems must be registered with the Police Department at time of installation.

I purchased a new home with an alarm system already installed. Do I have to register it again?

 YES - if you have purchased a home with a pre-existing Burglar Alarm System, you must contact the Police Department to register with new ownership information.

Is there a fee for registering an alarm system?

YES - All alarm registrations are $30. There is also a $10 yearly maintenance fee for all registered alarms. The $30 initial registration fee is due with your registration form. The $10 yearly maintenance fee is billed during the first quarter of the year.

Are there fines for False Alarms?

YES - First false alarm per calendar year: warning.
Second false alarm per calendar year: $50.
Third false alarm per calendar year: $100.
Fourth false alarm per calendar year: $100.
Fifth and subsequent false alarm per calendar year: $250.

I accidentally set off my alarm, but told them not to come. Is that a False Alarm?

YES - Once our Communications Center receives notice from the Alarm Company that there is an alarm at your location, our officers must respond and verify that there is not a problem.

My Alarm is not functioning properly and goes off for no reason. Is that a False Alarm?

YES - Anytime our officers respond to an alarm and it is an accidental activation or equipment malfunction it is considered a false alarm. Please contact your alarm monitoring company to maintain proper functioning of your alarm system.

How do I pay?

Mail us your check or money order made out to:

West Chester Police Department
Attn: Staci King - Police Records Division
401 East Gay Street
West Chester, PA 19380

We do not accept credit cards or online payments at this time.

If you need to drop off in person, please contact us to arrange a time at alarms@west-chester.com or 610-436-1320.