Communication Staff

The West Chester Police Communications Division consists of seven fulltime Communication Officers who are extremely dedicated to their position and role within the police department. The Communication Officer is considered the “first responder” for each call for assistance. Communication Officers answer and handle a large amount of phone calls, Lobby assistance and assisting other West Chester Borough Departments during a shift and respond to officers needs on a daily basis.

Each Communication Officer is in training for approximately 300 hours before being released to work on their own. After basic training each communication officer is required to enroll and complete numerous training classes along with Continued Education classes completed monthly to assist with our growing positions. Quality Assurance reports are completed on each Communication Officer throughout the year to assure we are handling the needs of the public to the best of our ability.

The West Chester Police Department’s Communication Officers have many more responsibilities than answering calls for service and dispatching police officers. The staff is responsible for documentation of each incident reported to the department and each officer’s activity throughout a shift. They monitor prisoners being held at the police station, monitor numerous camera locations throughout the Municipal Building and other areas and assist other departments within the Borough of West Chester. These are just a few of the other responsibilities of our Communication Staff.

Communications Staff

Chief Communication Officer Dave March

Communication Officer Paul Widmayer

Communication Officer Tracy Gordon

Communication Officer Christopher Jones

Communication Officer Chad Cook

Communication Officer Lindsey Matthews

Communication Officer Michael Groff