West Chester Borough Council


West Chester is governed by the Borough Council which consists of 7 members representing each of the voting wards in the borough.

Council directs the activities of the borough through the appointed Borough Manager, who in turn supervises all departments except the Police Department (the Mayor directs the activities of the Police Department through the Chief of Police). In order to provide continuity, the representatives from the even-numbered wards are elected at the same time, and representatives from the odd-numbered wards, plus the Mayor, are elected 2 years later. All serve 4-year terms, and are eligible for reelection once.

Mission Statement 
West Chester Borough Council resolves to retain a strong commitment to democratic principles and always demonstrate integrity, fairness, and honesty while fostering the values and integrity of representative government through action and example. Borough Council will continually advocate for active citizen involvement in local governance and recognize the right of citizens to influence local decisions. Borough Council will work effectively with the Borough Administration, in accordance with transparent and open government practices, to develop and implement policy always in the best interest of the residents of The Borough of West Chester.


On the first Monday of January in each even numbered year, the Borough Council conducts a reorganization meeting where they elect a President and Vice President of Council.

Meeting Management

Agendas, Minutes, Attachments and Audio Recordings are available here.