Parking Services - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request a Handicapped space on my block? 

Please go to the Parking Services page on the website to the Handicapped Parking Sign Policy, complete application and attach a copy of your identification card, Handicapped placard and vehicle registration and submit to the parking services department. This application will be reviewed at a Parking Committee and subsequent Borough Council meeting. You will be contacted via mail once a decision has been made. Not all handicapped requests are approved. Please see policy for details.

If a Handicapped space gets approved on my block, is it my space?

No space on the street is designated for the owners of the property that it sits in front. While a reserved residential parking sign improves the chances that a person with disability will be able to park near his/her home, it does not guarantee a space. The reserved residential parking sign does not designate the space for the exclusive use of the person who lives there.

What is the criteria for getting a boot on my vehicle?

If a person has 5 unpaid tickets or more or at least one warrant, the vehicle is eligible to be booted. Once a vehicle has been booted, a $100 fine is assessed and all warrants/ tickets must be paid or satisfied prior to the boot being removed. Please see policy for details.

Who do I contact regarding the parking garages in town?

Contact ImPark, they are the company that oversees the day to day operations at the Borough owned garages. This does not include the County garage located on Market Street. You can email the manager or call the garage 610-436-9689.

I think my car was towed. Who do I call?

Please call the Police non-emergency number at 610.696.2700. If it was towed, you will most likely need to contact West End Towing 610.692.3110 to pick up your car and pay all outstanding fees. 

How do I appeal a ticket?

On the West Chester website, there is a link on the front page labeled “online appeals, payments and permits” click on the link and then enter your license plate number or ticket number in the appropriate field and click on appeal. Enter as much data as you can, explain why you feel you have received a ticket in error and it will be reviewed. You will be contacted with the outcome of the review.

What happens if my ticket appeal is denied?

If your appeal is denied, you have the right to a hearing. Do not pay the ticket, wait for a citation from court and then set up a court date through the court system. Please note that if you are found guilty, you will be required to pay the original ticket amount and all court fees. 

How do I request my block to be included in the Residential Parking Program?

In order to have your block be considered for the Residential Parking Program, a petition must be completed with at least 65% of your block agreeing that permits are needed. That paperwork and details can be found in the Residential Program information on the website. Once that paperwork is completed, the Parking Department will complete a survey of the block and then it will be considered at the Parking Committee meeting and then considered by full Borough Council.

What hours are enforced by the Parking Services Department?

  • Monday – Wednesday 8am – 10pm (meters) Permits until 12am
  • Thursday – Friday 8am-12am
  • Saturday – 5pm – 12am

All meters are enforced during these hours.

How do I  have certain spaces blocked for construction work or a special delivery?

Fill out the form found here.  Please be specific about your needs, the block, times, date and if there are any parking meters involved, you must give the parking meter number(s) and you must pay in advance for the meters at a rate of $21 per day. Postings cost $100 per block. If you are a resident requesting a sign for a delivery and do not need enforcement, you may come pick up a sign at no charge. This does not include areas that have meters.