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On October 18th, 2023, the Borough of West Chester Council passed an amendment updating Ordinance 104-32 “Vehicles and Traffic: Parking prohibited during certain hours”, which included either an addition or change to the street that you reside on. These changes were made based on the request for additional street sweeping, concerns over warehousing of vehicles, or the need to update the timing to better match the schedule in the surrounding areas. 

We do understand that parking in the Borough is never an easy task, and we are going to roll out the enforcement of these changes over the next few weeks. The signs are currently being installed by Public Works. Parking Services will begin printing “warning” tickets to give notice to residents beginning March 18th. Full enforcement will begin on April 1st.  

A full copy of the updated ordinance is available on the Borough website under “Ordinances: 10432”. You may also find the amended ordinance on either the Public Works or Parking Department sites. 

We ask that you take extra care when parking and pay attention to signs on your block. 

Gay Street

Parking Services Department


GOOD NEWS- if you are a homeowner or non-student renter and you have an approved permit, you may swing by to pick up your guest passes! Please understand that we are still very busy, so there may be a wait time. Bring your driver's license WITH YOUR ADDRESS. If you are a renter, you will need to bring your lease.

If you are unsure if your area requires a parking permit, you may search your address in the map found here:

 If you were denied your response included why you were denied and what documents were missing. You'll need to resubmit your original documents along with the missing items. If you need help, you can stop by WITH hard copies of all documentation. Please be advised that walk-ins will be serviced after all appointments.

If you are reaching out to purchase guest passes, if you are a homeowner or a NON-student renter, you may stop by and pick one up between the hours of 9-4. If that doesn't work for you, email and let us know what hours do work. We can probably arrange to stay late to coordinate.

If you are reaching out to dispute a ticket, information on how to proceed and unacceptable grounds for appeal may be found here:

We hope this information may help serve you better.  Thank you for your patience.

Includes the following:

  • Residential Parking Program sales and management
    • Guest Passes: this year we are asking residents to schedule a quick visit to pick up their guest passes in person. 
    • Business Permits
  • Metered on-street parking: utilizes the Passport app
  • Meter Rentals
  • Borough owned parking lot enforcement and management
  • Enforcement of State and local parking ordinances, meters and permits
  • Ticket payments and appeals
  • Oversight of the Borough owned parking garages
    • Bicentennial Garage – 20 South High Street
    • Chestnut Street Garage – 14 East Chestnut Street
  • Booting Program
  • On street Handicapped sign Program
  • Posting for funerals, special events & street closures

“All postings require a minimum of 48 hours’ notice or they will be denied. For postings that will be on a Monday the online form needs to be filled out by 10am on the proceeding Thursday. Kindly remove the signs or meter bags when you are done.”