In 1978 the Borough of West Chester established the Residential Permit Parking Program, RPPP to provide residents with the opportunity to park near their homes without suffering the unreasonable burden of competing for these parking spaces with nonresidential and commercial vehicles parking in the neighborhood.

Currently, there are Twelve Neighborhoods designated as Permit Area(s) A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, A/B participating in this program with over 5,000. parking permits sold annually.

Residents who are planning to move into a Permit Parking Area are required to purchase a permit to avoid receiving a parking ticket.

All outstanding parking tickets must be paid before a permit can be issued.

All prior permits must be removed from vehicle upon purchase of new permit.

To apply for a Residential Parking Permit, contact the Parking Services Office at 610-696-4521 Monday through Friday, between the times of 8:30am to 4:30pm.

Regular office hours are M-F, from 8:30am to 5:00pm.

For more information on the Permit Parking Program download the Permit Parking Brochures.

click here for printable version


Residential Permit Parking



Residential Permits:
Provide parking to residents living in a permitted area.
All permits are non transferable and must be placed on the drivers side (passengers seat) window, so that it is clearly visible to the Parking Enforcement Officers.

Note: Vehicle Registration Modification for Residential Permit Requirements

The purpose of this modification is to provide students living in a Residential Permit Area the opportunity to purchase a permit. We have received several concerns from parents and students about there difficulty w/ meeting the vehicle registration requirement. Therefore this modification allows a student/resident using a parents vehicle to purchase a parking permit.


  • Parent/Child relationship. (Other family relationships may apply)
  • Vehicle must have a Pa. license plate. (This modification does not apply to vehicles w/ out of state tags)
  • Copy of the vehicle registration.
  • The child must be covered under the parents insurance policy. (Proof of ins. needed)
  • The parent & child must sign a Borough affidavit. (The affidavit states that the parent and child are responsible for all Borough tickets accumulated on the vehicle.)
  • Two current proofs of residency w/ Childs name and Borough address appearing on them.
Click HERE for copy of Borough Affidavit.

Non Residential Permits:
Provide temporary parking for employees of businesses located in a residential permit area. (Specific Requirements Apply)

Business Permit:
Are for use by contracted "service providers" temporarily working in a residential Permit Area. Business permits may not be used to provide daily parking for individuals living or visiting a address in the Permit Area.

Temporary Permit:
Are issued to permit holders to accommodate temporary parking needs such a planned gathering, special event, use for a rental car while vehicle is being repaired or other special situation. There is no fee for temporary permits, but requests should be made with reasonable advance notice.
Download Temporary Permit Request Form or contact the Parking Services Office for assistance.

Guest Permit:
Provide temporary parking for individuals visiting the permit holders address and must be hung from the rear view mirror facing out at all times while vehicle is parked in a Permit Area.

Note: There are two types of Guest Permits:

    1. Residential Guest Permit:
    To buy this permit you must provide two current proofs of residence and vehicle registration information.
    A Guest Permit may not be used by the registered owner or any car owned or using, nor may it be used by anyone living at the registered address or in the permit area at another residence.
    Guest Permit usage is restricted up to a two-week period and within two blocks (per vehicle) of the registered address.
    A Guest Permit must be hung from the rearview mirror facing out at all times while vehicle is parked in a Permit Area.
    Any "improper use" including counterfeiting, duplicating, or altering of the "Guest Permit" could result in fines, revocation of all permits including residential, and the registered owner being charged under the appropriate criminal statues.
    Fines may not be withdrawn due to "improper use" or display of Guest Permits.

    2. Professional Use Guest Permit:
    This permit provides parking for visitors of a business located in a Residential Permit Area.
    To buy this permit the business owner must provide proof of location in a Permit Area. (Specific Requirements Apply)
Transferable Permits:
Provide parking for qualified individuals that reside or work in a permit area who used different vehicles. (Specific Requirements Apply)

Student Permits:
Provide parking for students, facility and staff of West Chester University in the designated Permit Area C.

Permit Rates:

New Permits for the next year (September 1st to August 31st) are sold the first business day in August and are prorated by calendar quarter as follows:

  1. September to November - $8.00
  2. December to February - $7.00
  3. March to May - $6.00
  4. June to August - $5.00
Are sold for $8.00 each to contracted service providers performing work in a residential permit area. (Contact the Parking Department for information on specific requirements & exemptions)

These permits are sold for $4.00 each to residents living in a permit areas, but are limited as follows:

  1. Single Family Homes & Apartments - 2 per dwelling
  2. Rooming Houses: - 1 per each rented room
Are sold for $40.00 each and the following qualifications apply:
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Current WCU Identification Card
  • Proof of Enrollment: (Official WCU document w/ name, address, and current semester info.)
  • Check or Money Order Only
Note: (Limited Supply Available)

Permit Sales:

Residential Parking Permits and Guest Passes can be purchased at the Parking Services Office located on the first floor in the West Chester Municipal Building at 401 East Gay St., West Chester Pa 19380 beginning the first business day in AUGUST, MONDAY-FRIDAY FROM 9AM TO 4PM.

Starting on the first working day of the last week in August and extending for FIVE working days the initial permits sales for AREAS A & B ONLY WILL BE HELD FROM 9:00AM TO 4:00PM IN ROOM 240 located on the second floor. After the initial sale date these permits and all other permits can be purchased at the Parking Services Office. For your convenience permits for all Areas will also be sold on Saturdays throughout the months of August and September including the FIRST TWO SATURDAYS IN OCTOBER, FROM 9AM TO 2PM.

Permit Qualifications:

To buy a Residential Permit YOU MUST HAVE:

  1. A valid 'PA' vehicle registration with the resident's name appearing on it
    1. Leased Vehicles: a copy of the lease agreement from an authorized leasing agent and the vehicle must be leased to you, the resident
    2. Company Vehicles: You must present a letter on company letterhead stating that you are an employee of the company whom is required to use the vehicle on a required to use the vehicle on a regular basis. (Additional proof may be requested.)
  2. And, two current proofs of residency with the resident's name and address appearing on the item. Acceptable items may include, but are not limited to, the following: (NO JUNK MAIL)
    • PA Driver's License
    • Personal Check
    • Voter Registration Card
    • Utility Bill
    • Rental Lease (Signed) w/ Current Receipt - REQUIRED
    • Bank Statement

For an annual fee established by the Borough, WCU Students, Staff and Faculty members are eligible to purchased a Borough permit parking sticker for AREA C permitting them to park along certain designated streets near the University from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

After 4:00 pm, no permit is required unless otherwise posted in these areas. The designated streets are posted with official signs. The signs read: BOROUGH PERMIT PARKING ONLY 8:00 AM TO 4:00 PM AND ARE GREEN AND WHITE.

The Permit sale is initially held on the FIRST and SECOND business days of August from 9:00am to 4:00pm in ROOM 240 located on the second floor of the Municipal Building. Any remaining permits after the initial sale can be purchased at the Parking Services Office located on the first floor.


Parking Services and Enforcement Department, PS&ED
Borough of West Chester Phone: (610) 696-4521
401 E. Gay Street Fax: (610) 436-1330
West Chester, PA 19380 E-mail:

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