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West Chester is governed by Borough Council which consists of seven members representing each of the voting wards in the Borough. Council directs the activities of the Borough through the appointed Borough Manager, who in turn supervises all departments except the Police Department (the Mayor directs the activities of the Police Department through the Chief of Police). In order to provide continuity, the representatives from the even-numbered wards are elected at the same time, and representatives from the odd-numbered wards, plus the Mayor, are elected two years later. All serve four year terms, and are eligible for reelection once. On the first Monday of January in each even numbered year, Borough Council conducts a reorganization meeting where they elect a President and Vice President of Council.

Carolyn T. Comitta, Mayor
115 S. Brandywine Street
Tel: (610) 692-6521
Term to expire 2018
William J. Scott, Council Member, First Ward
405 N. Franklin St.
Tel: (610) 436-4644
Term to expire 2018
Cassandra L. Jones, Council Member, Second Ward
121 S. Worthington Street
Tel: (610) 202-4141
Term to expire 2016
E. Brian Abbott, Council Member, Third Ward
415 Clinton Alley
Tel: (610) 255-7236
Term to expire 2018

Jordan C. Norley, Council Member, Fourth Ward, President
739 S. Matlack Street
Tel: (610) 389-0973
Term to expire 2016
Donald Braceland, Council Member, Fifth Ward
423 W. Nields St.
Tel: (215) 813-8141
Term to expire 2018
Stephen A. Shinn, Council Member, Sixth Ward, Vice-President
2 West Gay Street
Tel: (302) 388-7811
Term to expire 2016
Ellen B. Koopman, Council Member, Seventh Ward
304 N. Darlington St.
Tel: (267) 992-6211
Term to expire 2018


Borough of West Chester Phone: (610) 692-7574
401 East Gay Street Fax: (610) 436-0009
West Chester, PA 19380 E-mail:

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401 East Gay Street
West Chester, PA 19380
Phone: (610) 692-7574
Fax: (610) 436-0009
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