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Business Outreach

  1. Resource Directory

    Would you like include your business in the Resource Directory at the Borough of West Chester's webpage?

Public Forms

  1. Community Initiative Request

    The purpose of the Borough of West Chester’s Community Initiatives webpage is to promote postings, exhibits and displays of interest,... More…

  2. Municipal Building Reservations

    Meeting rooms shall be available for use by Borough-based community groups, non-profit groups, service clubs, neighborhood groups and... More…

  1. Greater West Chester Code of Community Values Resolution and Pledge

    Sign Our Pledge

  2. Request for Information Form

    Request for information.

Public Works

  1. Tree Permit Application

    To apply for a permit for tree removal, pruning, or planting or any other tree work

  1. Tree Planting Program Application

    For residents to request the purchase of a tree for planting on their property

Staff Forms

  1. Borough of West Chester - Ministry of Bells

    each year the Borough of West Chester staff volunteers to help those less fortunate each holiday season by ringing the bells for the... More…