Borough of West Chester Community Initiatives

These are just some of the amazing events available in West Chester. If you have the time be sure to check them out. 

In collaboration with Arin Ross Auctions, the West Chester Area Education Foundation will hold its first-ever Fine Art Auction on Thursday, November 10 at 6 p.m. at Penn Oaks Golf Club

The evening will begin with a half-hour viewing period. Refreshments will be provided and a cash bar will be available. The live auction will include dozens of pieces of fine art, sports and entertainment memorabilia, as well as highly sought-after items and experiences donated by businesses and organizations from across the region.

Tickets cost $30 per person and $50 per couple. All proceeds benefit the West Chester Area School DistrictTo register, click here.

If you have questions or would like information on how to register for the auction using another form of payment, please contact Susan Speaker, Secretary to the West Chester Area Education Foundation: or 484-266-1016.

You’re invited to become an art auction sponsor! Sponsors have the exclusive opportunity to advertise within the official auction booklet, which will be printed and posted online, as well as within all of the advertising for the event. To learn more about becoming an auction sponsor, click here

West Chester Food Co-Op

Our Mission

We are dedicated to creating and operating a member-owned full service cooperative grocery store in West Chester that will be open to everyone.

We believe the community owned and controlled cooperative business model provides a superior framework to serve the most basic need of the people of West Chester: nutritious, delicious, fairly priced and sustainably produced food. Cooperatives are businesses driven by their member’s values not just profit. The co-op grocery will allow our community to understand where there food comes from and make choices that support local farms, the local economy, and a healthier diet.

Building a cooperative is really about building community; the co-op seeks to foster connections among the people of West Chester as they work together for mutual benefit. The store will be a friendly place where people will run into neighbors and friends while marveling at the glorious agricultural abundance of our region. We will do everything that we can to make it accessible to all members of the community.

As co-ops have been historically, our co-op will be rooted in principles of care for community, care for the environment, and care for the less fortunate. It will turn the simple activity of shopping into an opportunity to demonstrate values, contribute to the community, and develop relationships. Join us and help build a better world through cooperation.

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