West Chester on Social Media

wc facebook2
Starting back in October of 2013 with the launch of our Facebook page we have been striving to increase and enhance our social media presence and find more ways of improving citizen engagement in our community.

Today, in addition to our exciting new website we continue to publish our Facebook and Twitter pages as well as the West Chester Technology Blog.

We also continue to rely on West Chester Connect which is our mobile app. With West Chester Connect anyone in our community can quickly and easily report issues of concern right from their smartphone. 

Coming this fall will be another mobile app, which we are going to name, "West Chester Mobile". This new free app will bring all of the services of our new webpage as well as additional services such as Weather alerts, amber alerts and more right to your smartphone. 
Also with our new Community Voice there will be more ways then ever before to communicate and engage with your government's leaders and staff about the things that matter most to you. 

We look forward to always finding new ways of engaging our community and working towards making West Chester the very best community it can be,