Make Public Buildings Green
Consider requiring energy conservation materials and green-building architecture to be incorporated in all public buildings. West Chester government buildings seek to obtain ENERGY STAR rating for public buildings. Perform energy audits on all public buildings to determine where energy savings can occur. Go to the following websites for more information:
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Green your Fleet Operations
Consider the use of alternative fuel vehicles or hybrids when budgeting for the replacement of municipal fleets. Go to the following websites for more information:
Adopt Green Regulations
Consider adopting energy conservation (ENERGY STAR) standards into building codes and zoning ordinances for application to all new construction. To read about how West Chester adopted an ENERGY STAR ordinance for its new commercial buildings, see some initiatives other local municipalities are taking.

Doylestown Borough

With its "Green Points" building permit program, Doylestown offers financial incentives to builders who make efforts to conserve fossil fuels, water, and other natural resources; reuse and recycle construction materials; and reduce solid waste.

Media Borough
Media has committed to becoming a "Clean Energy Community" by the year 2010, purchases clean electricity, and has installed at least 7 solar panels on municipal buildings.

Haverford has taken an inventory of its greenhouse gas emissions and is creating its own Climate Action Plan.

Additional Information on Green Regulations

Access the following websites for more information:
Teach Green
Serve as the leader in getting the word out about energy conservation. Go to the following websites for more information: