Think Energy From the Start
Developers know that the more energy prices increase, the more important it is to construct buildings that conserve energy. Developers and architects also know that if they consider energy efficiency from the very beginning of the design process - long before they put the first shovel in the ground - they will significantly lower future operating costs and be able to take full advantage of available tax incentives and grant opportunities.

Developers can guarantee that their team will consider energy efficiency from the very beginning of the design phase by taking part in the government's ENERGY STAR program and more specifically, by earning the "Designed to Earn the ENERGY STAR" label for their building.

Developers that seek and successfully acquire the Designed to Earn the ENERGY STAR label know that their building is designed to be at least within the top 25% of similar buildings in terms of energy efficiency. This pre-construction ENERGY STAR process also helps you measure the costs and benefits of constructing a building that even more efficient - one that's in the top 15%, 5%, or even top 1% of similar buildings in terms of energy use.

For a complete explanation of the Designed to Earn the ENERGY STAR process for private commercial construction, go to our ENERGY STAR web page.

Access a listing of some of the tax credits and benefits available for new commercial buildings.

Heads Up - Green Building Questionnaire
BLUER has helped develop a questionnaire to both educate the permit applicant about Green Building measures (and how these can save money over time) and to inform the borough's Department of Building, Housing, and Codes Enforcement and the BLUER Committee about the Project’s specific green initiatives. Access the latest version of this questionnaire (PDF).

Specific Tips for Residential Contractors
Energy Star offers a program to help residential contractors build an energy efficient new home. The benefits of building an energy efficient new home are in the increased value and appeal to environmentally conscious home buyers. A further explanation of these benefits and others can be found at the ENERGY STAR website.

A program certifying green builders, much in the same way LEED AP accredits designers, is the Green Advantage Program.

We welcome comments and additional suggestions from both residential and commercial developers.