Climate Action Plan

The BLUER Committee has been charged with preparing a report to the Borough Council on energy consumption and gas emissions. The report will offer ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions within the borough so we can meet our mission together, based on the findings of our emissions inventory.

On April 15, 2009 the West Chester Borough Council approved BLUER's Climate Action Plan (CAP) - Phase I. The plan is an evolving document that fleshes out the specific initiatives that BLUER and the Borough Council will be working on over the next year and puts them in the context of the other short, medium, and long term projects.

Climate Action Plan Chapter 4

The phases / actions (chapter 4 of the CAP) are listed below. Access the full CAP (PDF) for more information.
  • BLUER to develop a "Green Features" guide
  • Adopt zoning incentives to promote ENERGY STAR compliant buildings
  • Support a mandatory statewide Green Building Program - BLUER to work with DVRPC Climate Change Initiatives Program
  • Approve the 20% per year Progressive Wind Power Purchasing Plan
  • BLUER to work with Public Works and Finance Departments to improve fleet fuel efficiency
  • BLUER to investigate the creation of a West Chester Borough Energy Office
  • BLUER to embark on Residential Outreach Program
  • BLUER to start Business Outreach Program with breakfast event for business owners
  • BLUER to publicize free DOE Industrial Assessment Center Program to reduce energy use as done by Sartomer
  • Approve and continue maintenance expenses of online BLUER resource