Business Awards Program

The BLUER Business Award recognizes businesses operating in the Borough of West Chester and surrounding area that have taken the initiative to:
  • Conserve energy through building improvements / design (e.g., upgraded lighting systems, energy audits, conservation programs, IT energy management, etc.) and/or policy changes (e.g., car share, car pooling, work-from-home programs, etc.)
  • Convert to renewable, cleaner energy sources (e.g., wind, solar, bio-diesel heating fuel, geothermal, etc.)
  • Reduce waste by reducing purchasing / packaging, reusing materials, and/or recycling aggressively
Rules of Eligibility
  • The business must be located in the Borough of West Chester or within close proximity to the borough
  • The business must have taken, or be in the process of taking, real steps to conserve energy such as converting to renewable, cleaner energy sources; and/or reducing waste
  • The nominator should outline steps that the nominee has taken to conserve energy, convert to renewable energy sources, and reduce waste. Extra information like environmental and business rationales and the result or anticipated result may also be included, but are not required
The Selection Process
Nominations will be reviewed by the BLUER Committee and judged based on the leadership showed by the carbon reduction efforts.

The Awards
The panel will honor the recipients with a free luncheon and awards ceremony, to which the local press will be invited. The award itself will consist of a certificate of recognition and a BLUER sticker that the business may apply to its front door or window. Any business that achieves goals in all 3 categories (conservation, conversion, and waste reduction) will be given a special “gold” award.

Past Winners

Learn more about past recipients of the BLUER Business Award. BLUER thanks these businesses for doing their part to reduce carbon emissions.