Boards & Commissions

  1. BID Authority Board

    View Authority Board meeting information.

  2. Civil Service Commission

    View Civil Service Commission meeting information.

  3. Comprehensive Plan Task Force

    View Comprehensive Plan Task Force meeting information.

  4. Historic & Architectural Review Board

    Learn about the Historical and Architectural Review Board.

  5. Historic Commission Steering Committee

    Nine member committee to advise on implementing a Borough Historic Commission.

  6. Human Relations Commission

    View Human Relations Commission meeting information.

  7. Library Board

    Locate available minutes from Library Board meetings.

  8. Planning Commission

    Find meeting-related information regarding the West Chester Planning Commission.

  9. Recreation Commission

    Discover who serves on the Recreation Commission.

  10. Redevelopment Authority

    Learn more about the Redevelopment Authority and the role it plays in the borough government.

  11. Regional Planning Commission

    Access meeting details from the Regional Planning Commission.

  12. Tree Commission

    Locate available minutes and meeting information from the Shade-Tree Commission.

  13. Sustainability Committee

  14. West Chester Board of Appeals

    View West Chester Board of Appeals meeting information including members and terms.

  15. West Chester Railroad Restoration

  16. Zoning Hearing Board

    Find out who is currently serving on the Zoning and Hearing Board.